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Download iMessage App for PC & Laptop (Windows)

iMessage for PC & Laptop : iMessage is one of the best messaging apps. The iMessage released as the replacement of iChat. The iMessage is gained the fast popularity and also got the many good reviews and ratings. In this article, I am going to tell you how to download and install the iMessage for PC and Laptop.

The iMessage app is suitable for the iPad, iPhone and Mac computers. The iMessage was not available for the Android devices. The features of this app make all the users want to use it on their PC and Laptop. By using the iMessage for windows and Laptop is very easy. Just simply follow the steps are mentioned below and enjoy iMessage on Laptop.

iMessage addict people find various ways to access or use the iMessage on another platform like Windows or Android. I will guide based on some tricks work currently for the use of iMessage on PC or Laptop under some predefined and the login process.

It is not legal means not approved by the apple or under Apple’s environment. Wait for the time when it is officially available or use the iMessage on windows platform.

Features of iMessage for PC and Laptop:

  • iMessage app is available for free, and by the help iMessage app, you can send the universal message by using the iMessage on PC or Laptop.
  • iMessage is one of the fast messaging apps. You can also post the images and videos by using the iMessage for PC.
  • You can also create the group of your friends or family members on iMessage and also chat with them. You can also set the name of your group. You can also choose the cool group name for your group.
  • Sent and Sent the feature is also available in iMessage app

There is more exciting feature is available in the iMessage app. You can fully utilise them by using the iMessage for PC and Laptop.

How to Download iMessage for PC and Laptop

As I said earlier that iMessage app is not available for the Android devices. But, there is the best way to install and use the iMessage for PC and Laptop. For doing this, all you need is an Android Emulator. It will help you to run the iMessage for PC and Laptop. So you have to download an iOS emulator and install it on your PC. Download an iPadian emulator for this.

iPadian is available for free as well as the pricing. You will experience more features if you buy it. I will recommend you to use the free version to install iMessage for PC and Laptop. Install it once you download the file.

  • Launch the downloaded file by just double click on it.
  • Click on the next button which is available on the bottom right.
  • Next, tick the check box.
  • You will also see the more check boxes to tick in the next steps. Checking them or not is up to you. You can also continue installing without installing the other software.
  • After this, the installation will start, and it may take few minutes to finish
  • Once you complete the installation, then your iPadian emulator is ready to use on your PC and Laptop.

Install iMessage for PC and Laptop:

  • Launch the iPadian app from the desktop of your PC.
  • Now, look for the iMessage by applying the search box and introduce it by the tap on it. Download and the installation process will start immediately.
  • It may take few minutes to complete the installation.
  • Once you finish the installation, you will see the iMessage on iPadian software.

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